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More than a century a century ago. At the dawn of an age that would bring darkness to the realm of men. A time when chaos and listless creativity began to plague the minds of the masses. An event of cosmic consequence occurred. Two men stepped forward to rage against the darkness of the times. Gifted in the ancient ways of the forgotten culture of Hip hop, they forged an alliance that would spring hope in the hearts of those still true to the ancient ways. As time passed their friendship would be forged in the fires of combat against the darkness. They struck down their enemies spreading hope among the people. Their skill in crafting masterful gems of musical vibrations earned them the title of Working Class. This was because they could appeal to any soul in any part of the galaxy no matter their taste or struggle. All could come together under the sound created by the heroes of working class. As time passed their legend began to grown and the dark lords of chaos began to take note of the heroes. They began to see the hope shine in the eyes of the people.

The chaos lords sent their hordes to descend on the Heroes of working class while they were unaware and unprepared, but our heroes were more than ready for the onslaught. Wave upon wave of the dark minions fell to the skill of the Heroes. The heavens roared and the earth trembled as warriors of light and dark clashed in combat for the fate of the cosmos. Ultimately the battle ended in the defeat of the dark hordes. None could stand against the might of the Working Class warriors. The victory against the dark lords army showed the heroes their true purpose. To combat the dark complacency that was spreading across the realms. This was their charge, this was their cause. To bring back the light to the cosmos. And it would all be done from a Monday to a Friday.


released August 14, 2015

all tracks produced by Illastrate (Illastrate Productions, ASCAP) including #11, co-produced by Anthony Accurate

all songs written by Yamin Semali (AmDex, BMI) including #4, co-written by blctxt contxt, #5 co-written by Rabb Love, #9 co-written by Bright Son

photography: Nick Burnz
art direction and logo: Craig "Flux" Singleton


all rights reserved



Working Class Music Group Atlanta, Georgia

Outfit of thinkers, artists, emcees, DJs and producers based out of Atlanta, GA.

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Track Name: The City
1st verse:

I had to start from the bottom,
That's why I'm part of the problem
They blame me for writing fault lines,
Authored in carbon,
Half Malcolm Half Martin,
Please pardon my jargon,
I'm Marcus Mosiah Garveying
The martyrs of the sovereigns,
Be all up in my aura,
I'm the harvest of their garden,
We say Ashe, Selah, salaam
To keep our hearts from
Power in the spoken word, even flowers grow from dirt, faster from the CO2, that we produce, when blowing herb,
I don't tell, folks to go to hell,
I say go to earth, you can find heaven too, oh as well, both are flirts,
Only you gon know what works, start a school or go to church,
Maybe both, or worse, and you never even go and search in the city


2nd verse:

I got a lot of shit to say, but Chikfila on Christmas Day is how some of y'all lips should stay, for real tho, y'all just in the way,
That's all I'm gonna vent today,
It ain't chipping at the rent I pay,
Anyway, it's just, letting time slip away
So let me get, get away
No invite, not in spite, just need a minute to get right, last thing that we need is an infight
Like an infant, no insight
None of that shit sound pimp tight,
Gotta squint like you in dim light,
Trying to be what you ain't built like,
It's a bit trite to be this type,
I don't get hype, it don't sit right
The devil pie crust ain't crimped right,
But if a nigga starving he'll still bite
Lemme welcome you to real life, I might be the only one that you hear right, took the bad out of bastard, now I'm a star,
you can see far on a clear night
From the city

I'm from the city where we once saw bombs over Baghdad
My Grandma like Nas, my momma bought me that Ras Kass, around the same time I was bumping that LabCab
I wonder if the dirty south will still get the last laugh,

Track Name: Right On
verse 1:

I must be black Jesus how I'm followed by 12, I reply bye when they ask what I sell,
CDs in my trunk, and the pump is as well, but don't trip cuz, I ain't even load it up with the shells,
See we're citizens, within industry, who think politically, businessmen against the tyranny,
We get the Benjamin's and shoot for venison, ya know, bucks or doe,
It's all deer to me,
Everything isn't what it appears to be,
but I believe in me more than any conspiracy,
That put that fear in me,
And then said,'here, you're free,'
I see it clearly, struggle don't disappear, but neither do we, we still here so right on

2nd verse:

We all corralled in Is Azazzel's lasso
Lasses after my seed like Monsanto,
Don't know if I'm supposed to raise a man in this land though, a daughter's even harder where's a border I can go
Public enemies Chuck D out Bandos
Tax dollars turned Gomer Pyles to Rambos, hunting for sambos
With High power ammo,
Their only answer for you is to pull up your pants though
You'll blame the victim till they've judged you that way
If you have to say something, have something to say,
I try getting my point across in the humblest way but
Kick rocks if you shook, if you're comfortable, stay
And I'll be Glad you pressed the button to play, so right on
Track Name: Monday/Friday
And it feels like a MondayFriday (x2)

1st verse:

The time is hours, been a minute since we came in second
We've been the answer on the low, so they just raised the question?
Never too late to change directions, , look at all this presence, y'all must be Jehovah witness if you ain't accept it
I guess fame is a dangerous weapon,
Cuz I\in my hands I could demand no longer taking oppression
I always seem to get compared to the best
Familiarity breeds contempt so I been scared of success,
Theses dudes is going bald, they best protect the hair on they chest,
I slayed the whole waiting room so it's apparent I'm next,

Look at em now as they fall like dominoes, they Pacquiao'd
Down for the count like Jacopo,
Apache helicopters looking for the next Geronimo, that's why I'm still screaming fuck the world after the condom broke
I'll see your faith and raise you 10 Nicean council votes and then throw in an ounce of smoke, just to help you rebound and cope,
And it ain't easy being browner, nope,
DDon't think you're Lebron at home, slanging powder in front of a crowd of folks,
Cuz they given out 15 dog years of all male showers, if you got that same amount of dope,
That's why i walk a straight and narrow road, cuz if they throw me in the hole, I'll probably never get parole,
That's just how I roll, til my final Diastole, it's in my ribosomes to put the real inside microphone
So you know I'll be the one they wanna go at, but go back, that spells "goat," just note that,
So I'm able even when my brother's Cain,
Any weapon formed against me is as real as Brother Baines,
When we step inside the function, you can feel a sudden change,
Cuz everybody knows I'll call a sucker's name like Clubber Lang,
I guess a whole lot of nothing changed, but you know we been up to something, like you know my motherfuckin name

And it feels like a MondayFriday
And it feels like a MondayFriday
And it feels like a MondayFriday
And it feels like a MondayFriday

2nd verse:
Illa, wait cuz maybe they confused,
See MondayFriday happens any time you break the rules
Some people stand in line and wait for shoes, like plates of gruel, a form of corporate slavery, I really hate to break the news,
We're taking off on any day we choose, so the weekend is when we want it, get the trees and I'll brang the booze,
They out clubbing while we bang on tools,
It's Monday morning now they're broke again, we're laughing to the bank on fools,
Roll and bounce, then close the account,
Cuz they're eating off my balance, and they still want me to pay em dues, so a CEO can take a cruise,
While we landlocked with hands locked, praying that our wage improves,
They'll treat you like a minor til you make a major move,
Cuz they assume, to consume all that you were made to do,
So now the best things in life are now pay-per-view, ...
But it's a new day, so make it true

Track Name: Top Of The 9th feat. blctxt contxt
verse 1:

I'm from that city of change
Where there's plenty to gain,
And people come from all around just to get in the game,
You can roll snake eyes, soon as they lift the plane like Sam Jackson, dodging all the venomous fangs,
To sip from this well,
But Tell me are we living in hell?
The way the cops be using hammers,
We resembling nails, they got tools of the trade but no rules of engagement, hope the father gave wings to those thrown from slave ships,
Hung from slip knots, I pray I do not slip,
Traitors outside, stab backs for stock tips, like a disc jock paid under the Technics, not to rock real hiphop on the hot list,
Hutu vs Tutsi
Shia vs Sunni,
But who sold them the AKs, the ARs, Uzis,
I shot the sheriff, and the deputy, I hold the key, call me Clef like a refugee,

The reason She quote what he wrote, is cuz he keeps it C-note
Style is well-groomed, but never did I elope,
That's why I'm unbridled,
Still got a honeymoon, but I never lay with witches that be jumping over brooms,
That's a lot of mask ...cara, I think that spells doom,
Already pulled your card, it said, get well soon,
I done had a checkered past so I'm making chess moves,
The artist formerly known as Dex and Txt too, respect due


Ah, oh lawd,
They don't quite make em like this anymore,
1, 2, 3, to them fore-head when you see the walking dead at your door,
I know you wanna enter but I can let you in,
Odds slimmer than Barbie, some zombies are even kin,
We ain't talking bout toys, these boys became men,
Top of the 9th inning, the beginning of the end

2nd verse (blctxt contxt):

It's the top of the 9th, from the home of the Braves
Working Class Music and we ain't no slaves
Coming in from the cold and like the bush man say
Shining down on you hoes w/the light god gave
We lay real spiel, smoking Kill Bill in the 'Lac
I purpose slamming doors bumping Eddie Cole tracks
It's facts and science, nixxas know my alliance don't give a single solitary fuck about complying to a trend
Here's the beginning to your end: when we start the revolution all you bitches gon' squeal
Truest resolution cuz the picture painted trill
Shawty got a puddle in her nappy dugout so I slid
Right to home base, brew in my hand
Celebrating w/Yamin Semali my man
Fans rush from the stands cuz we hit a home run
East Point's greatest hit, Southside's favorite sun and I'm out nixxa


3rd verse:

No camouflage, Bodyguards or entourage, But if ever you want to trip I'll send you bon voyage,
I confess, I'm often choosing life or death, maybe one day I'll break this juju, and be psycho less,
Exorcise a demon when I be intoxicated, like P 90X, the crowd be doing plyometric reps,
Some niggas step and fetch, I be on run in shoot,
Like Stewart Avenue back when we used to practice hoops,
Make em jump around like pain in the house,
The way we put it down they wonder how we came from the south,
You know the stereotype of what my areas like,
But they should call us the pall bearers, how we carry it out and bury the mics,
Fuck nice, I'm very polite, like after you, how do you do, and have a goodnight,
I'm Andre Agassi, I'll show you what that canon be like,
Your life will flash before your eyes, like a camera light, aight

Hook (x2)
Track Name: Big Eyes (Ode to Tracee Ross) feat. Rabb Love
1st verse:

Feeling like I'm a thirty-year-old, dirty old man, with a baby face, my dick ain't fell off yet
Now that's amazing grace, all this batter never made a cake, no buns in the oven, nobody's husband , I guess we afraid to bake

Microwave mentality, instant gratification,
My ADD's in HD so fuck mastering patience,
We so quick to choose any path that's faster than waiting,
But take us to the past and we couldn't last with the ancients,
So why the hell we so anxious? Just to languish in anguish?
Be careful what you asking for if your aim's to be famous,
Local celebrity, everybody know what yo name is, And who you're currently dating and who you've penetrated,

my reputation be proceeding me, seems to be standard procedure to love em and leave them so leisurely,
If I can make her say,"I can't," I know I can...but what kinda man wants it all so easily?
I got game like Goldie in the observatory,
The sun sees many planets but where's the earth before me?
Perhaps this is Purgatory, where I earn her glory,
Cuz so far, I can't get farther from a perfect story,

And it's not like I really new pussy, but I've been living on the edge, so if you push me,
I gotta fly or either fall for another so be careful, not to make it too hard for a brother


I heard you can't stop, once you had a bite
My eyes are too big for my appetite
I might want a midnight snack tonight
My eyes are too big for my appetite
I swear had em all from black to white
My eyes are too big for my appetite
But I really want to chill and just have a wife
Cuz My eyes are too big for my appetite

2nd verse:

My homie felt the need to testify, I guess he had It on his heart so he let it fly, He left his girlfriend because she had a jealous eye, spreading lies and Going through his Texts like the FBI,

Then he found out she has an STI,
Mutual friend found a bottle of Valtrex she hides,
He got tested, turns out she ain't infect my guy, but how'd she claim to love him but then let his health get jeopardized?

It ain't love if you gotta throw respect aside, just to spread your thighs, otherwise you're access denied,
If he infected her, she would've been the devil's bride, sleeping with the enemy, now how is that for selfish pride?

That had me praying for forgiveness of my indiscretions, dissecting on all the hidden lessons in my imperfections, now a days you gotta ask these niggas many questions, cuz Sex in the wrong hands can be a killer weapon,
Some people lead lives polyamorous, I wonder if they stopped to ask can my body handle this, it probably can't so why you chancing it?
Maybe you should fall back a bit, even if you ain't abstinent,
Cuz a lot of folks are straight vampiric,
But you can't be mad, cuz shit, you still had a hand in it,
It's just sad that so many have that shallowness,
but the bright side is knowing that a Magnum fits,

Bridge (x2):

She got Beaus with Eros,
Too many hoes, with pharaohs,
Like a rose, with no petals
Gatos y perros,


begin Rabb Love monologue
Track Name: Sugar & Salt
1st verse:

The most beautiful smile belongs to ones with every reason to frown so I ain't tripping even if one of my teeth are brown. This world will beat you down, I was teased and clowned, dissed but now I'm missed when I leave my town,
It gets better man, leaps and bounds. I learned to swim in my tears. I could weep and drown or backstroke this ocean to the deepest sound and don't stop too I reach new ground.


Dont stop, don't stop til you get it (x3)
Don't stop, don't stop
Some say sugar. Some say salt, if you never got to taste then it ain't my fault, so don't stop, don't stop til you get it
Don't stop, don't stop

2nd verse:

It ain't all good though,
At times I'm surprised by the ones that should know,
Optimism doesn't mean that you're not aware but if You ain't got a care, well you should bro, it's a dirty world everybody been stained by, so it's hard to trust a mufucka that stay fly, right and wrongs like night and dawn to the trained Eye, but first you got to live if you wanna explain why, so


Dont stop, don't stop til you get it
Some say sugar. Some say salt, if you never got to taste then it ain't my fault, so don't stop, don't stop
Don't stop, don't stop

3rd verse:

Piedmont park and I just left Buckhead,
figured I would chill and give some of the ducks bread.
Blowing off steam cuz my aura was blood red,
Then I seen a dude playing soccer with one leg,
Now think about every man you see,
Metaphorically the majority are amputees,
Feeling detached, wishing they could heal and adapt,
The only way they gonna do it is to keep it on track

Track Name: Bloody Mary

You're my Bloody Mary, the virus and the vaccine,
the chalice to my canteen that I can't seem,
To put down, let me ween til I'm back clean,
Back clean, whatever that means,
Bloody Mary (x4)

1st verse:

You smell sweet like antifreeze, stays in my clothes like gasoline,
You're straight out of a magazine, but I'm glad you're only looking for a casual thing,
I guess you call that a fling,
Fallen angel, don't be frightening when I flap my wings,
My robe is dirty, my mind is like a roman thirty,
Triple X, thoughts, when I see that ass in jeans, shit
But you can't serve two masters,
One day, I'll move past ya to a new chapter,
switch views like newscasters do and leave you in my past so I'd have to look back for you,
But for now it's back to you,
12 pack of Magnums and a bag of "ooh",
Not your soulmate, but I ate the whole cake,
and as you wish, you can blow out my candles too,


2nd verse:

They say when the sons of God, took the daughters of men,
It was the start of the end, as a cardinal sin,
That must've been Solomon's kin,
How'd all this begin,
Feel back to normal, then
Never call you again
I can't front like the shit don't hurt sometimes,
Every man needs water, but thirsts for wine,
Reminded to abstain, when I see the cab stains,
Merlot, on the fur coat, blot out the past pain,
We got our rocks off like we ran the corner,
Your aura, is sorta like quicksand, or mortar,
We gotta grow apart to get these plans in order,
So much living by the minute, that the hour hand is shorter,
They say without discord, that we might get bored,
Order out of chaos, I sometimes miss yours,
I brace my lips for a chance to sip more, but now I got faith,
Something better is in store, cuz

Track Name: Newborn Soldier
1st verse:

I had a dream that I was in a boxing ring
my corner's, el hajj garvey and doctor king
they rocking wings. Halos be upon em
I hear a lot of screams but not a single body's seated seems the stadium is haunted

My opponent changes shape by the moment,
It's like he knows where I'm going with a punch before I throw it,
Just another clue for me as to who it could be, though disguised, we've collided before ..yeah I know it
One second he'd be Satan with the face of Ronald Reagan, then change into this j around the way, who's staging break-ins, I'm running out of breath, better yet out of patience, cuz he's got me on the ropes
Like my folks that they was hanging
And the ground is shaking
with every chant that the crowd is saying,
My face hits the canvas but it's feeling like the pavement, Red snot, from head shots, kiss the curb,
Wet drops of sweat, got my
Vision blurred and perpendicular
My hearing increased..
I can hear Malcolm whisper, 'have no fear in the beast,'
Martin in my other ear, he said the beast is within, and then Garvey commanded me to stand on my feet,

It's feeling like the adversary has stones in his gloves,
I got a Nose full of blood but my soul's full of love,
When I rose he froze, then I saw a glow from above,
Pulling at me like a magnet, but at first I ain't budge,
Heard a muffled voice, didn't really know what it said,
I floated higher, she repeated, that she's seeing my head,
Now I ain't wearing a thing, tell me where is the ring?
I heard the doctor say I'm crowning so that means I'm a king,
It was not good luck, it was not bad luck, I got knocked down and I got back up, so I deserve this, I got purpose, so I woke up and put it in the verses


Newborn soldier
You already won the war,

When you're older,
You'll ready know the score,

2nd verse:

I've been fighting since my born day,
Even before, I came into the flesh,
Ancestors lift me, teach me all your ways, so I can stand strong before the eyes of death
He searches our hearts, so never give in, and in all your ways, He is sure to bless,
This life is precious, we won't be here long,
So just remaining strong, cuz we don't know what's next
I'm singing for the newborn

Track Name: High As You... feat. Bright Son
1st verse:

I'm black in white garments,
Eyes are like comets,
Whips on my back put tiger stripes on it,
Braver than a Bengal, I should make that shit my symbol,
The spirit of the temple's living in this instrumentals,
Hide your producers, the bass is too wide for the woofers
My radio's bangin I carry it like a bazooka Clash of the Titans the past got the Eyes of Medusa, but my minds of the future my brother we lions of Judah, they portray us in the time of a riot as looters, but we know we the apple of the eye, Yahuah, they bugging niggas conversations on high end computers, spending millions of dollars and it's all to confuse ya, who stay in the news, causing change, You know it's not a game, We got the fathers name I'm not ashamed, that's why they hate ya, cuz you gon be the saviors from these modern day slavers, so how high you gone take us?

Chorus (x2):
As high as you want to go is as high as you will be,
So how high do you want to go, cuz heaven is callin me

2nd verse:

We're birds of a feather,
We can fly alone fast or get further together,
A few flew to other flocks, when they heard it was better,
But none of them could even made it through this turbulent weather,
Like all you new blacks, looks like you forgot a few facts, when you extend a hand in peace, then wonder why they drew back,
Everybody lookin after theirs but look how you act,
A boy was shot, they say he ain't a saint, now tell me who dat, be the first to hold weapons,
While you protesting
Screaming that your life matters, Yeah that's no question, So why we got an increase in, skin bleaching,
But camouflage is only for species that's in season
So let's separate the wheat from chaff, meat from fat, anything that's gonna keep you back, why be like everybody else when you can Lead the pack, these feet are black but I'ma leave it glowing where I leave my tracks


Cuz heaven is calling me
Track Name: Prometheus (Lights Go Off)
1st verse:

They say the eve of the atom was the dawn of a huge bang,
it was all dark then the sun and the moon came,
light upon the water gave the skies a blue stain,
but when the sun started going down, the hue changed,
Then came the predators that growl and use fangs,
People couldn't see them so they had to produce flame,
the only thing that got us to the top of the food chain,
Above all the animals like cattle who chew grain, we use brains,
Took fossils and move trains, now we put butane into the fuel tanks
the world's illuminated, from a bird eye view plane, but if it gets dark, watch it get inhumane, most of us make it on a budget that's shoestrang, and crippled by the original boy in blue gang,
But blue collars don't protect your neck like Wu-Tang,
So if we lose power, I won't find it too strange, there's only a few sane

If the lights go off
Watch it all change
If the lights go off
Lets see if you like a boss
If the lights go off
No apple or Microsoft,
They might say it's a solar flare,
If the lights go off,
But hold on we almost there,
If the lights go off,
they'll be worshipping the sun,
If the lights go off,
So I hope you got a gun,
If the lights go off,

2nd verse:

The world's going through a bizarre stage, sorta like the dark age, marked by a harsh plague
Looking for a cure, It's no wonder we stargaze, but tell me why did light and dark ever part ways?
Ain't this physical ...plane invisible, formless without both forces as principles? As above so below,
So black holes, might trap souls,
that flow interdimensional,
Is your religion in accordance with the solar system, living organisms and noble gases that go through fission,
Or does it just lead to more division,
Profiting from war and prisons, either way, it's your decision
Spirits burn out like tire tracks, passion drawn out, now they need their fire back, can lightning strike twice? Or is it just like a match?
Another dwarf star slowly going from white to black,


3rd verse:

It's freezing cold, and you gotta pay to heat your home,
Why feed the po' when you can sell him GMOs,
Everything we eat is cloned, sterilized seeds are sewn, before they harvest, farmers gotta sign the
lease to grow,
They locking people up for growing greens at home, can't collect rainwater, that's against the legal code, seems evil so, I'm waiting on EMP, to let my people go, for sho, cuz they don't want see em free,During protest only time they appear fast, tanks and dogs, rubber bullets and tear gas, I hope it gets so dark they can't see through that clear mask, this is Molotov music, coming out the beer glass, We came first, so you know that we'll be here last, and if you learned, anything from the near past, they'll burn the whole city down, until it's only mere ash, so get ready when you hear blasts
Track Name: 1ove
I wasn't even gonna spit to this. Just shout a couple people out, maybe reminisce, but to waste this instrumental gift I would've been remissed,
would've sent the final mixes off, feeling pissed
So let's do it cuz the night's still young,
And only turn on the lights if a fight's begun, we made it real hard to bite this one,
Yo they couldn't say rhymes like these even if I write them some,

We represent the days Fri and Mon,

So you should've known twice that the time has come,
It only sounds old school if your mind is young,
'm pretty smart dude but these lines is dumb,
Retarded n shit, you kill it, but I martyr the shit, when I put bullet points inside the audio clips, I'm improvising like it's part of the script,
Let em know just how hard it is for ya'll to find some artists like this,
I know it's rare for them, cuz most cats are embarassing,
All they do is say yo like self-centered Central Americans
...With Hands close to their balls like Theremins, extending them for dap, but I just seen where they been, so no thanks, keep them dudes is in the low ranks, they make the same old tapes, but ours are like snowflakes, yeah, no 2 alike, we ain't up in this clone race,
That shit is so fake, dudes can't even flow straight,
Don't ever write a check on a phonograph, your phony ass can't go in cash like I'm supposed to laugh,
Better off pouring Morton's on an open gash, it's workin class music yeah we got the dopest staff
Getting more rub than lamp for the genies, what you wishing for?
Land or a Lamborghini, I'm from the land where they wanna ban graffiti and you can get shot with a can in your hand this evening,

But yo we already know the world can break your heart,
You still gotta find a way to make your art, put together what they can't take a part, ironic how they wanna see you burn but they hate your spark,
Don't it make you feel blue like the moon in the daytime? Asking who rhymes are nastiest on tracks and they say mine? Yeah
It's the Youngblood, who stayed off gun club, back in the Point now, but you know it's still (1ove)